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Free yourself from the server and spend all your time on your business and client relationships

Your administrative contact person quickly becomes the most important benefit in a webmaster services contract with BRS
This goto person is at your service and is on call 24/7 and handles any ticket you put in or email you send. He or she also maintains your server, keeping your website and business online and safe and submits a report once a week after conducting a complete site backup and holding it off site. Outside of routine maintenance any problems or hacking attempts are dealt with in timely manner. The complete list of benefits an interim webmaster does for you in each of our two plans is:

Basic Services


Advanced Services

Scheduled Database Backup   Scheduled Database Backup
Server Security Audits   Server Security Audits
Regular Maintenance   Regular Maintenance
Regular Maintenance   Regular Maintenance
Support Tickets   Support Tickets
    Email Support
      Programming Errors
      Day to Day Errors and Web based Issues
      Support Questions and Planning

Upgrades and additions to our service are seamless to your account.

Give BRS your server problems and program code errors. We can help you make your clients' online business experience enjoyable and a complete success while you make your business grow faster.

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Our Strong Suit

Is problem solving.

If you have a software problem that won't go away, send us a note about it.

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