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  BATCH - Poor Mans Cron Job (Add To Favorites)
S1 - set up your batch file (i.e. save all code between the === begin and end === tags as yourscript.bat:
=== BEGIN CODE ===
REM @echo off
REM Launch, wait 2 seconds, then close the browser.
REM The 'Ping' command is being used as a timed delay insuring the webpage has time to load. Increase by 
2000 on a per second basis.
ping -n 2 -w 2000 > nul
TASKKILL /F /IM "iexplore.exe"
REM exit
=== END CODE ===

S2 - set up your task:
Go to the Accessories / System Tools
Click on Task Scheduler

Creat a New Scheduled Task at the date/time you need
then enter following commands:


NOTE: If you task involves use of the browser to run a remote internet file, 
the browswer will be shut down by the job above. If you do not want that behavior, 
REM out the TASKKILL command above, (e.g. if you browse the Internet during the job above, 
your browser will be shut down but this job unless you comment out the line above, 
then another tab in your browser will remain open that you can close manually.) 

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