Never worry about your provider being hacked again. Your passwords are safe with BRS.

Our complete encryption package is a complete system to to easily protect all your passwords so you are Never compromised. We have several layers of security to insure that. Some are proprietary. A few of our methods are :


  Your own personal data cloud coupled with your own database. These are protected with two passwords and 1 salt password. You know both your passwords. We maintain them in a database table so you can change them, but we Never make use of them so unlike traditional encrypted cloud services, no changes take place on your data without your knowledge behind the scenes. (no other user has use of your folder or your database. your data is completely private to you only.)


  Your own folder and your own encrypted database. No other user has access to your area or database.


  14/7 support system through ticket system and/or email and growing.


  Daily backup of entire website and Hourly backup of all user databases


  Additional Hacking protection running 24/7 on all files on server. Custom code and additional company services.


  SSL protecting all traffic between client machine and server.


  Several custom tool methods for easily changing existing passwords.


  Email and Chat Support available at all times.


  Up to date news on latest hacking and compromises


  Personal advice on when to change passwords (can be turned on/off).


  Two factor protection for all accounts (can be turned on/off).


  Both field level and flat file processing (e.g. with full service.)


  Print options making data transportable.


  Expert advice on keeping passwords safe and secure to only you.


  Complete money back guarantee with 1 month minimum purchase.

Upgrades and additions to our service are seamless to your account.

Let us take the headache out of worrying about your password security. With our system you can relax and use your passwords knowing they are secure and all in one place available to you 24/7 on demand.

Service Options

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